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The BEST vocabulary & spelling program on the market! Use your word list or BigIQkids' spelling words or vocabulary words by grade level.

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Built in Reward System

Don't underestimate the power of FUN. Our students are intrinsically motivated to do their spelling homework because we have a build-in reward system. Students are rewarded after completing each lesson with a game coin. BigIQkids puts a positive spin on learning spelling word lists.

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Super Easy

With step by step instructions and help from BigIQkids' avatar tutor, students easily move through each daily lesson. BigIQkids provide students with daily lessons to work towards mastering their spelling word lists. Our program works around each child's proficiency and advances students only when excellence is achieved.

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Hard Work Does Pay Off

Our goal is to have children master their word lists. We pride ourselves on helping students get 100% on every vocabulary and spelling test. Let BigIQkids help you child become and stay an A+ student and have fun along the way. They'll be asking you to complete their daily spelling lessons!

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WORD LISTS FOR 1st - 8th Grade (+ SAT words)

When my daughter was having trouble with her spelling, I could not find a tool that successfully helped. So, I created one. BigIQKids is the result of one mother's frustration and a drive to help her child. I worked especially hard on creating phonetically correct speaking avatars which allow for independent learning. BigIQKids was designed and created as an online spelling tutorial for grades 1-8 with the goal of promoting spelling success via multimedia reinforcement and independent learning. With, my daughter's test scores soared to 100% each week. I was so excited with my daughter's results that I want to share my experience with other parents and teachers. My kids actually ask me to do their spelling homework, and so will yours!
– Debra Marcioentte. Founder

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